We are currently closed for submissions for Issue Four. Submission windows for future issues will be announced via Twitter.

We accept submissions in the following categories:

Please note that our upper word-count limits are guidelines. We would likely publish a longer piece if we really liked it.

We welcome submissions from all walks of person, and do not take into account fame, reputation, age, or prior success when considering a piece of work. Please don't overthink your email. Be pleasant and polite and let your work say the rest. But please do remember that just sending your work with no message at all is not a great way to begin a relationship. We aim to respond to all submissions within three weeks, but it can take longer during busy periods. We provide personal feedback where we feel it is deserved or needed — that is, if we particularly admire the piece, or feel some technical, grammatical, or otherwise specific guidance would help the author. If you do not wish to receive feedback, please say so in your email. Please remember that feedback often reflects personal preference and opinion, particularly stylistic feedback. If you happen to disagree, please do so quietly. We do not need to know how wrong you think we are. All feedback is provided with the absolute best of intentions. If we have chosen to give feedback, our only aim to help you, so please understand that interpretation is inherently subjective, and sometimes meaning can skew and disfigure during the brief time it spends travelling between brain and paper.

Should we choose to progress with your submission, Lit. 202 will retain first UK rights to publish, promote, and redistribute the work, which will revert to the author upon publication. Ownership rights as well as those regarding publication in other territories remain with the author. We of course accept simultaneous submissions. You are also free to publish your work elsewhere after it has appeared in Lit. 202. We do however request that credit is given to Lit. 202 as first publisher in the event of the piece appearing in another publication in the future. We are unfortunately not able to pay authors for their work at present (though we do hope to soon), and can only consider work written in English for the time being due to editorial limitations. Authors whose work we publish will receive a copy of the physical print edition of the issue in which their work is included.

We also have a few rules on the submission itself:

Good luck! We look very much forward to reading!