Puppet Witch

Karen Gonzalez Videla

June 24, 2022


Witch danced alone with shadows on walls —
they twirled and bent, she cracked and sang
of sheep and herbs and that sunflower maze
where she first learned ballet.
Can’t you see the breath in those steps?
Hear them go tap tep
tap tep?

Help her! Help her!
They’ve strung wires round her thumbs,
tied them down to puppet rods.
They’ve taken
her twirls,
her bends,
her sheep,
her herbs,

and made them

Karen Gonzalez-Videla is an Argentinian immigrant living in Florida. You can usually find her somewhere in nature, hiding among the animals and plants. Her writing has been featured in PANK, Menacing Hedge, Paranoid Tree, and other places. You can find her on Twitter at @Gv12Karen or on her website at https://kgonzalezvidela.carrd.co