Looking for the Light

Michael Ruffin

May 13, 2022


Tomatoes need a lot of sun.
Our yard has many trees,
and therefore much shade.

I’ve been watching the yard,
looking for the places
where the sun comes through

most often and
most consistently.

It occurs to me that
it is a good way to
approach life — watch

for the life-giving light,
and plant yourself


Michael L. Ruffin is a writer, teacher, and preacher living and working in Georgia, USA. He posts poems on Instagram (@michaell.ruffin) and Twitter (@ruffinmichael). He is author of Fifty-Seven: A Memoir of Death and Life and Praying with Matthew. His poetry has appeared at New Verse News, Rat's Ass Review, 3 Moon Magazine, U-Rights Magazine, Wine Cellar Press, and Cypress Press.