I Do Not Miss the Spring

Christina Bagni

April 17, 2022


I do not miss the spring.
I do not miss the gently blooming flower,
My nose dusted with nectar,
Soft petals pressing
On either side of my smile.

I do not miss the sweet scent of new life,
The warmth of the sun,
The bacchanalian revelry,
The lemonade passing my lips.

I do not miss those three months when the sun shined
On me and me alone,
When you brushed my face and for a moment I could believe

I was your equinox,
As you were mine.

But the solstice was always stronger.
And the summer and fall seduced you.

But I do not miss the spring,
As it coils within me, still.

Christina Bagni has worked as a journalist with The Boston Globe and an editorial intern with Ploughshares Literary Journal. Her creative work has been published in Asterism, Corridors, and Underground Literary Magazine, and she is the Chief Editor at Wandering Words Media. She is also a writer on the Captain Bitcoin comic book series.